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Profile of Sibsagar

Sibsagar is a historical town situated in Sibsagar district in Assam. The town is home to many monuments of the Ahom kings. Sibsagar is also one of the fast developing towns in Assam

Sibsagar literally means the "ocean of lord Shiva". It was earlier known as Rangpur.

The 200 year old Sibsagar tank is situated at the centre of the city. The three important temples situated on the banks of the Sibsagar tank are the Shivadol, Vishnudol, and the Devidol.



The history of Sibsagar goes back to older times. During the rule of the Ahoms, who ruled Assam for more than six hundred years, Sibsagar was once the capital. In 1819 the region was annexed by the Burmese. And in 1826 the British took control of it.Sibsagar was also called Kalansupar because by the side of the Sibsagar tank there were villages of Kalansu Gohains.

The history of the city revolves around the 200-year old Sibsagar tank situated at the centre of the city. Queen Madambika excavated the tank and named it Sibsagar after her husband Sivasingha. The three temples situated on the banks of the tank-the Shivadol, Vishnudol, and the Devidol were built by queen Madambika in 1734.

It is said that the Ahom kings used to dig tanks and name them as sagar. During the Ahom rule the place was called Rangpur. The British who latter came to the place gave the name of Sibsagar.

Another historical report says that queen Phuleswari self-declared herself as the wife of Lord Shiva and declared herself as Gauri. She excavated a tank and named it after her as Gaurisagar.


Sibsagar has a semi-tropical climatic condition. The weather remains mild and moderate throughout the year. Summer in Sibsagar starts from March and lasts till July. Summer is characterised by high humidity. The temperature in summer ranges from 15-28 degrees. The maximum temperature can be around 35 degrees.

During monsoon the city records heavy rainfall. Thunderstorms are very frequent in monsoon. Winter is not very cold and remains temperate. Winter starts from November and lasts till February. The temperature is around 7-18 degrees in winter.


Oil fields and tea gardens are the main source of economy of Sibsagar. There are many oil fields located at Lakowa, Geleki and Gaurisagar. ONGC forms an integral part of Sibsagar’s economy. Agriculture is the major source of livelihood of people.

Sibsagar is one of the fast developing towns of Assam. It is a leading centre for tea and oil production. One remarkable feature of its oil production is that Sibsagar has the highest number of oil fields in Assam.


The total population of Sibsagar is 53,854 according to 2001 census. Male population is 56% and female population is 44%. The average literacy rate is 81%. Male literacy is 83% and female literacy is 79 %.

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