Utlilities and Emergency Services in Sibsagar

Sibsagar is undoubtedly a developed city when it comes to offering emergency services to the people. The emergency services in Sibsagar are operated by the government of Assam and they classify into divisions such as Police, Medical Emergency and Fire service. All the Sibsagar emergency facilities ensure public safety and health. All these emergency departments in Sibsagar work persistently to provide instant emergency help to the people of Sibsagar.

Emergency Medical Service in Sibsagar

Medical emergency is one of the most important emergencies in any place. A medical emergency is necessary in time of an accident, illness or other disorders. Sibsagar has some of the best hospitals and nursing homes that provide best medical facilities to its people in case of any emergency. Ambulance services are also very important emergency service in Sibsagar which are provided by both hospitals as well as private organization.

Emegency services in Sibsagar

Important medical emergency numbers.

  • Civil Hospital: 03772-222305
  • East Point hospital: 03772-272519
  • Pragati hospital: 03772-222333
  • Sarmah nursing home: 03772-222961
  • Aditya dagnostic and hospital: 03772-223550
Ambulance: 108 (mrityunjoy)
  • Sarmah Ambulance Services: 03772-222961
  • East Point Ambulance Services :03772-223295,09435056370

Police Service in Sibsagar

The Sibsagar Police works for the protection of human life from any disaster. The main objective of Sibsagar police is to safeguard the lives of the people by reducing the number of criminal activities and to bring to justice those who break the law. Sibsagar police is available for the people 24*7, in order to tackle all the undesirable situations.

Sibsagar emergency police number

  • Police control room: 03772-222801
  • Superintendent of police: 03772-222124
  • Police station Sibsagar: 03772-222923/100
  • Police reserve: 03772-222130
  • Nazira: 03772-2522237
  • Gaurisagar: 03772-278317
  • Amguri: 03772-253436
  • Sonari: 03772-256538
  • Simaluguri: 03772-252269

Fire Service in Sibsagar

Fire can break out at any moment and in any place may be in an office, home or a building.The frimary function of the fire department is to promote safe fire practices and to protect the lives and property in case of any fire emergency.

Sibsagar emergency Fire service number

  • Sibsagar fire station: 03772-222999
  • ONGC, Fire service: 03772-225855
  • Sonari fire service: 03772-256699
  • Nazira fire service: 03772-252222 -
  • Amguri fire service: 03772-253197

Banking Services in Sibsagar

Banks are financial institutions that receive money in form of deposits from the people and lend money in form of loan from those deposits to the people. Banks are one of the major utility services provided to the public. Sibsagar has all the required banking facilities that provide transaction convenience to the people. Sibsagar also has many reputed banks located across the city like the State bank of India, Canara bank, United bank of India and may more. These banks also provide ATM facilities to the people of Sibsagar.

Sibsagar has all the proper banking facilities that provide transaction convenience to the citizens. There are many reputed banks located in Sibsagar that provide quality services to the people. There are also ATM services of these banks located in every corner of Sibsagar.

Utility services in Sibsagar

Mentioned below are some banks and their branches located across Sibsagar:

Allahabad Bank

Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Alla0210585
Address: Marwari Patty,
Opposite Central Market,
Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 0376-2222304
Email: [email protected]

Axis Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Utib0000831
Address: J. P. Agarwalla Path.
Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772- 220222, 223222, 221222
Email: [email protected]

Bank of India
Branch name: Sivasagar
IFSC Code: Bkid0005007
Address: H.C.Barua Road,
Amulapatty, Sibsagar:785640

Canara Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Cnrb0001155
Holding No.431,
Address: Ist Floor,Temple Road, Sibsagar:785640
Phone no: 03772-222846

Central Bank of India
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Cbin0283213
Address: Temple Road, Sibsagar:785640
Phone no: 03772-222401

Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Icic0000621
Address: Baruah Bhawan,
Babupatty Road,
Dol Chariali, Sibsagar - 785640
Phone no: 03772-220627

Indian Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Idib000s048
Address: Dolmukh Road, Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 0377 2222570

Indian Overseas Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Ioba0001417
Address: Aapees Complex,
1st Floor, Temple Road,
Ward No. 5, Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772-222078

Punjab National Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Punb0478400
Address: Nr Market
Hcb Road, Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 9435311999

UCO Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Ucba0001007
Address: Hospital Road, Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772-222837

United Bank of India
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Utbi0sib317
Address: Sibsagar Central Market,
Sibsagar :785640
Phone no: 03772- 222852

Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Hdfc0001647
Address: B.G Road, Lakshmi Nagar,
Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 9957193333

Corporation Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Corp0001355
Address: Ground Floor, Near ASTC Bus Stand,
G N G Road (Hospital Road) Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772-223777

Bank of Baroda
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Barb0sibsag
Address: Near NRl Energy Centre,
Amolapatty, A T Road, Sibsagar: 785 604

Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Ibkl0001051
Babupatty Road, Sibsagar : 785640

Syndicate Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Synb0007362
Address: L K B Road, Near Congress Office
Sibsagar: 785640

Bank Of Maharashtra
Branch name: Sivasagar
IFSC Code: Mahb0001725
Address: A.T. Road, Near K.P. Mall,
Chariali, Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 8723067819

Yes Bank
Branch name: Sivasagar
IFSC Code: Yesb0000539
Address: Ground Floor, Ward No Xii,
Temple Road, Sibsagar: 785640.
Phone no: 07896009929

Indusind Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: 1st Floor, Krishna Bhawan,
Address: Temple Road, Ward No Xii,
Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772-232232

Andhra Bank
Branch name: Sibsagar
IFSC Code: Andb0002082
Address: H C B Road, Amolapatty,
Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772220096

State Bank of India Branches in Sibsagar

The State bank of India is a government bank that provides financial services to the people since the year 1973. The bank has also won many awards and recognition due to its service due to the services towards the people of the country. A large section of population of India banks with the state bank. Similarly, the people of Sibsagar also depend upon State Bank of India for all their banking needs. Sibsagar too has several State Bank branches located across the city to meet the needs of the people.

banks in Sibsagar

Listed below are the state bank branches in Sibsagar along with their contact details.

Branch name: Gaurisagar
IFSC Code: Sbin0012974
Address: At Road Nh 37,
PO: Gaurisagar, Sibsagar: 785664
Phone no: 9435488530

Branch name:Sivasagar
IFSC Code: Sbin0000182
Address: A.T.Road, Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772- 224729, 222173

Branch name:Ongc Colony

IFSC Code: Sbin0004797
Address: Ongc Colony, Sibsagar
Phone no: 03772-272096, 222922

Branch name:Disangmukh

IFSC Code: Sbin0007326
Address: Disangmukh, Sibsagar: 785663,
Phone no: 03772-232136

Branch name:Sonari

IFSC Code: Sbin0007998
Address: Sonari,Sibsagar: 785590
Phone no: 03772-256618

Branch name:Demow

IFSC Code: Sbin0011625
Address: Demow Charali, Sibsagar:785662
Phone no: 03772-226146, 226100

Branch name:Chapangani

IFSC Code: Sbin0007429
Address: Ponamati, Sibsagar
Phone no: 03772- 229602,229013

Branch name:Deopani

IFSC Code: Sbin0009630
Address: Misajan, Chariali, Sibsagar:785684
Phone no: 03772-294307

Branch name:Gargaon ADB

IFSC Code: Sbin0007381
Address: Posimoluguri, Gargaon, Sibsagar
Phone no: 03772-280152, 252348

Branch name:Lakwa TPP

IFSC Code: Sbin0006011
Address: Suffry Maiballa, Sibsagar:785689
Phone no: 03772-254333

Branch name:Mathurapur

IFSC Code: Sbin0009191
Address: Mathurapur, Sibsagar: 785689
Phone no: 03772-254340

Branch name:Mezenga

IFSC Code: Sbin0009580
Address: Mezenga, Sibsagar: 785685
Phone no: 03772-215306

Branch name:Nazira Town

IFSC Code: Sbin0002095
Address: Nazira, Sibsagar: 785685
Phone no: 03772-252254

Branch name:Santak

IFSC Code: Sbin0009194
Address: Santak, Sibsagar: 785697
Phone no: 03772-229917

Branch name:Borhat

IFSC Code: Sbin0013257
Address: Thana Road, Borhat,
Sibsagar: 785693
Phone no: 9954322849

Postal Services in Sibsagar

utility services in Sibsagar
The Indian postal network is one of the largest postal networks in the world and Sibsagar also has few branches that offer services like express post, speed post, general or registered mail, EMS, e post and parcel post. Apart from these the post office also offers savings schemes like Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits and National Savings Certificate (NSC). The courier services are also very much popular in Sibsagar with many private courier offices like DTDC, First Flight, Overnight Express and any more.

Mentioned below is a list of important post offices in Sibsagar along contact details

Post office: Sibsagar HO
Post office type: head office (delivery)
Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 03722-222722

Post office: Nazira SO
Post office type: sub office
Sibsagar: 785685
Phone no: 03722-252234

Post office: Moran SO
Post office type: sub office
Sibsagar: 785669
Phone no: 03754-224278

Post office: Amguri SO
Post office type: sub office
Sibsagar: 785680
Phone no: 03722-253438

Post office: Sonari SO
Post office type: sub office
Sibsagar: 785690
Phone no: 03722-256535

Post office: Gaurisagar SO
Post office type: sub office
Sibsagar, Assam
Pin: 785664
Phone no: 03722-278307

Courier Services in Sibsagar

In today’s modern world courier services play a very important role. The courier man delivers important documents, or other necessary items from one place to another. They transfer the things to the doorstep and with full security and to on time. In Sibsagar too, courier services play an important role to send things from one place to another. Private courier service like the Blue dart, DTDC couriers, first flight couriers are also available in Sibsagar. Few major courier offices in Sibsagar have been listed below.

Utility services in Sibsagar

First Flight Couriers

Address: Lakhshmi Market Complex,
Opposite Lakhoti Petrol Pump,
G N Z Road, Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 08011005081, 9954714092

Blue Dart Express
Address: Room No 9, Jayanti Market
Near Astc Bus Stand,
A T Road, Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772-223059, 09435056008

Airstate Logistics Pvt Ltd
Address: Opp Hotel Raj Palace,
A T Road, Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 09854012760

Airstate Logistics Pvt Ltd
Address: Rupalim Cinema Complex,
Near Haxarika Store, Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 09954672952, 9706147023

Speed & Safe Courier
Address: Opposite Lakmi Market,
Central Market, Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 09435356874

DTDC couriers
Address: Ayanti Matket, A T Road,
Near Astc Bus Stand,
Sibsagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772 – 220964, 9435294836, 9435091816

Skylark Express
Address:Opp. Hotel Raj Palace
A.T. Road, Sibsagar: 785640

Electricity Services in Sibsagar

Another important public utility service is the electricity service. The Assam government is responsible for proper electricity service. The Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) is a public sector undertaking that manages the generation of electricity, transmission and distribution of electricity in Assam. Assam Power Generation Co. Ltd., Maibella is situated to the east of Sibsagar town. This organization is responsible for electricity service in Sibsagar.

Assam Power Generation
control room:

Healthcare Services in Sibsagar

Sibsagar is one of the important cities of Assam and it provides best health care services to its people. Sibsagar offers health care services to its people through private as well as government health care facilities.  The role of Department of Health and family welfare in Assam is significant as the department is responsible for maintaining and developing health care facilities in Assam. The department has introduced several health schemes to improve the standard of life of the people of Assam.

Hospitals in Sibsagar

Sibsagar has several good hospitals that provide food medical facilities to the people. The Sibsagar hospitals not only provide medical services to its people but also to the nearby places. One can undergo all important medical examinations and tests as recommended by the doctors.

Mentioned below are some of the hospitals in Sibsagar along with their contact details.
Healthcare facilities in Sibsagar
ONGC Hospital
Address: Ganakpatty, Sibsagar - 785640

Sibsagar Civil Hospital
Address: G N G Road, Sibsagar - 785640

Pragati Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Near Jenganikatia, NH 37,
Sivasagar Ho: 785640
Phone no: 03772-222333

East Point Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Near Luhit Fuel Station,
B J Road,Sibsagar:785640
Phone no: 03772-223295, 09435056370

Nazira Hospital
Address: Near State Bank Of India,
Dhoder-Ali Road,
Nazira Dulakakharia,Sibsagar:785696
Phone no: 03772-252072

H M Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Near Pioli Nagar,
A T Road, Moranhat, Sibsagar:785670
Phone no: 03754-226604, 09435132843

Pragati hospital
Address: National highway 37,
Jengonokotia, Sibsagar
Phone no: 03772-222333

Aditya dagnostic &  hospital
Address: Amulapatty, near Dikhow bridge,
Phone no: 03772-223550

Sarmah nursing home
Address: Near Sibsagar police station,
Sibsagar, Assam
Phone no: 03772-222961

Sampriti hospital
Address: AT road, Kanak nagar,
Phone no: 03772-222233, 03772-220777

Konoklata nursing home
Address: BP Chaliha road, Sonari

Blood Banks in Sibsagar

One cannot anticipate when or your friend or any family member requires blood of a specific blood group. Sibsagar also has some blood banks which are of great relief to the people there.

ONGC Hospital
Address: Ganakpatty, Sibsagar - 785640

Sarmah nursing home
Address: Near Sibsagar police station,
Sibsagar, Assam
Phone no: 03772-222961

Sibsagar Civil Hospital
Address: G N G Road, Sibsagar - 785640

Social Welfare in Sibsagar

The city of Sibsagar is blessed with number of welfare societies that play an important role for the upliftment of the weaker section of the society. At this present age, the children and women security in India being at risk these welfare societies wholeheartedly work for the well being and development of everyone and take extra care of the various problems faced by the children, physically challenged and women.

Role of Directorate of Social Welfare

The Assam Government created the Directorate of Social Welfare department in the year 1960The Directorate of Social Welfare of Assam assures proper care and protection of these vulnerable sections of the society and also takes the responsibility to build a healthy environment for the overall development of this deprived section of the society. The department has taken up various schemes to solve the problems faced by this section of the society. Some of the schemes are mentioned below:
  • Supplementary Nutrition Programme
  • Kishorv Sakti Yojana
  • ICDS Training
  • Nutrition scheme for Adolescent Girls
  • Sawayamsidha
  • National Scheme for Rehabilitation Persons with Disabilities Scheme
  • Mukhya Mantrir Jibon Jyoti Bima Achoni
  • Health care for the aged Scheme

NGOs in Sibsagar

Welfare societies in Sibsagar

NGOs are any non profit voluntary that provides various kinds of services to the weaker sections of the society like rehabilitation, health care and education. The volunteers of these NGOs work at different levels and also organize camps across the city to help the underprivileged and weaker section of the society.

Raseids Development Society
Address: Amguri Town, Ward No 10
Phone no: 03772-25300, 09859994228

Enhancement of Welfare Activities society
Address: Boarding Road,
Near Natya Mandir,
Sivasagar: 785640.
Phone no: 03772-220700, 9401092703

Society for Human Advancement and Promotion of Employment
Address: Jyotinagar, B.G. Road,
Sivasagar : 785640
Phone no: 03772-223345, 09864054000

Eekhyon the Creative Performer
Address: P.D.Chaliha Road,
Ward-Ix, Amolapatty,
Sivasagar: 785640
Phone no: 03772-223244, 09854435567

Dr. Anath Bandhu Child Welfare Association
Address: Simaluguri, Sivasagar: 785686
Phone no: 91-3772-242079
Email id : [email protected]
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